Monday, May 27, 2013

Birding at the new house

I haven't been posting lately because been busy packing in anticipation of moving into a new house we closed on a few months ago.Will be moving in a few weeks up into Palm Beach county out of Broward where I have lived all my life. I know not a big deal, but still a big change. As we have traveled back in forth for the last several months , I have become excited for the birding I have seen , even in my own yard. More in the rural area Here are some of the birds I've seen in the last few months. 
View of side of yard 

Swallow tailed Kite flying over house yesterday

Female cardinal in one of the trees yesterday, the male was shy.

Blue jay in pine tree, they are always ready to pose.  

A first for me a redheaded woodpecker, spotted by my husband as we were leaving in the front yard yesterday. So cool.

Another view on top of the pole, I think I might like it here.

Another spot by hubby as we were leaving the house. Yellow crowned night heron. 

A  few weeks ago was wondering why all the caution, horse signs were up and never seeing anyone riding in all the months we have been going. And then coming out the front door. That's why. 

American Kestrel

Eastern Phoebe , a few months ago in back yard.

? Any help I.d.  I think a Prairie Warbler in the pine tree.