Saturday, January 4, 2014

Some new visitors

Finally some activity in the old backyard, I was beginning to think the birds have all left and are never returning. Alas patience is a virtue.
One of two male bunting seen, so glad they found my new house.

Mockingbird enjoying the berries. 

Yea , love to see the Eastern Cottontail bunnies, so far only at night. 

A set of Blue jays, always fun to watch

Red bellied, has been a constant. Got to love them for that. 

The male doesn't seem as shy this time. 

The female on the other hand is very camera shy.

Both the Buntings, are shy. I have to practice my prowling on them.

A new bird. Just appeared the other day, A Goldfinch. 

A Eastern Phoebe comes and goes. 

A very shy Common Ground Dove.