Wednesday, June 26, 2013

We 've all moved in!

I Finally am getting the chance to get the camera out again. And boy has it been a busy spring, as I have just been getting the chance to see this last week in the yard. Many young birds have come out recently. There were also young Blue Jays and Grackles not photographed. Very excited about the possibility's for fall migration. Will keep you posted.                                 Posted by Lauren
View from kitchen window

Full  moon from the backyard

And then there was two.

And two.

Oh wait three. 

And two no three the other baby was camera shy.

No baby makes three.

How cute

And here I am from the back.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Went to Ga. in early May to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary! My husband surprised me by including a side trip to my childhood friend's bed and breakfast. Melissa and her husband Ray own and operate Steels Tavern Manor Bed and Breakfast along with Alpine Hide Away Cottages in Va. They are absolutely beautiful. Didn't get too much birding in but did get a some visitors to the feeders both in Ga. and Va.
Tufted Titmouse very friendly - not afraid of me or camera!

Blue Bunting - had to sneak up on him, but it was worth it, too bad it was a cloudy day

Crow on steroids - they must have enough to eat in Ga.!

From the car going to Va. clouds under the mountains- was a beautiful drive

Blue Jay just just asking for his picture to be taken - the rain kept following us - all the way up from Fl.

Female Bunting? Any help? More clouds hard to tell...

Very shy Robin in Va. best of about 20 pics - I'm no quitter!!

The front of Steels Tavern Manor Bed and Breakfast beautiful place! Great birding,wineries and history around

Gotta love those cotton tails - back in Ga.