Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Fern Forest

Went to Fern Forest with my hubby to do some birding. It was a beautiful day, but there was not a bird anywhere, but I did get get some wildlife pictures.        posted by Cindy
Rare for me to see the Zebra so still - love the purple eyes

My husband spotted this armadilo digging

So many plants growing out of one tree trunk- mother nature at her finest
swallow tail butterfly

only "bird" in the air!!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Bill Baggs Park/Crandon ParkBeach on Crandon

Cindy, Barbara  and I went down to the barrier island of Key Biscayne to go birding and seek adventure. Well not a lot of either but a beautiful morning and gorgeous scenery, made for a great time as always.                                 Posted by.. Lauren    
Beach at Crandon Park

Lizard at Crandon Park .. looks like a hybrid Iguana/Monitor

Florida's famous man-o-war.. Portuguese man-o-war

As best as I can determine a Lesser-black backed Gull

Piping Plover at Bill Baggs

Semipalmated plovers and Sanderlings  @  Bill Baggs

Sunrise  on 1-95

Cindy and Barbara  @ seawall on the Bay side Bill Baggs

One of the several stilt houses in the Bay

Eastern Phoebe

Cape Lighthouse from the bay side

Common Ground Dove . In a tree ?
Royal Tern

I think a Fl. morning glory

Semipalmated Plover

Brown Pelican

Blending in their environment

Cape Lighthouse from the Atlantic side

Downtown Miami from the causeway

Immature Ring billed?

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Loxahatchee Nature Preserve

Went out to Loxahatchee nature preserve in hopes of finding the Great Horned owls that have been sighted there, over and over again. Cindy and I have yet to be so lucky to see one. Not even a screech owl. I was lucky enough to see a Barn owl and photograph him last year. Still hoping and looking for the others, till then we will enjoy the other great birds and doing what we love. Birding and taking pictures...       posted by Lauren
Red tailed hawk

Great egret

Little blue

Tri colored heron


any help to .I.D.

another shot of the above sparrow

?? Pine warbler 

same as above . boy these warblers are hard to identify

Someone we all know and love

Monday, January 21, 2013

After spending most of the New Year Holiday indoors with an annoying sinus infection and cough the Two Old Birders FINALLY got together do some birding at Green Cay, two Saturdays ago and for sure it was a dark, gloomy, rainy Fl. am but it didn't stop us!!As you will note it did make some of the birds camera shy.                                                                                       Posted by Cindy

Yellow Crowned Night Heron

Camera shy Yellow Crowned Heron
One of the "black and white" photos too bad such a grey day

The boardwalk at Green Cay

Even my favorite Anhinga was in a ruffled mood

Only the Green Heron was posing that day

Belted Kingfisher blending into the railing

Camera shy! 
Camera Shy

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Old birder #2 -Cindy- finally getting around to posting my summer trip to Ga.! It was a fun time, saw lots of new thing unfortunately any of them birds... reason being my entire family was there. most were nice enough to want to come along birding with me but every time I would stop with my camera someone would say- " do you see something" and off would go any bird around!! but I love them dearly- and did get some good pictures as you will see

A Towhee taken from the front porch - before the family was awake!

The shy male cardinal almost hidden by the pear tree

Best I get of the Humming bird this trip

No Barn Owls in this old barn

Camera ready , Bears retreating 

They decided to look back and see what they were running from

Happy Birthday Smokey

We love you Otis

Mountain sunset


Can you see the beaver?

Hedgehog Ass

Where,s the deer?

Goodbye Lake Nottly