Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Loxahatchee Nature Preserve

Went out to Loxahatchee nature preserve in hopes of finding the Great Horned owls that have been sighted there, over and over again. Cindy and I have yet to be so lucky to see one. Not even a screech owl. I was lucky enough to see a Barn owl and photograph him last year. Still hoping and looking for the others, till then we will enjoy the other great birds and doing what we love. Birding and taking pictures...       posted by Lauren
Red tailed hawk

Great egret

Little blue

Tri colored heron


any help to .I.D.

another shot of the above sparrow

?? Pine warbler 

same as above . boy these warblers are hard to identify

Someone we all know and love


  1. Great shots of all the birds you saw on your visit the LNP, Lauren. Hopefully next time the Owls will appear.

    I recommend you ask a pro birder who has helped me ID birds. Comment on Larry's blog at and ask him to ID your bird.

  2. I think the sparrow is a Savannah Sparrow and the warbler looks like a Yellow-rumped Warbler~they usually have a small patch of yellow on the side and those white wing bars. Love the Cardinal:)


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