Saturday, February 22, 2014

February....A backyard full of love.

February proved to be a very good month in the yard, several birds I have not seen before here. And many of the regulars. Loving migration season.
Old reliables

New to the yard and a first for me Brown headed cowbirds. Male and female

palm warbler seen almost everyday , in numbers.

One Saturday I noticed flocks of hundreds of birds flying over. They looked like Robin's then one landed. Sure enough another first to the yard.

Again flocks of dark birds landed on day after a rain. This is when I noticed the cowbirds, and Red-winged blackbirds among Grackles. 

One of several female Cardinals.

Male Cardinal

Mockingbird, likes to sit and harass my Cardinals and Buntings at the feeder. Shame on him.

A pair of Red-shouldered hawks

A daytime appearance of one of the cottontails.

One of a pair of Yellow-Rumped Warblers

Female Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, hardly see this pair, only once in awhile. 

Male Painted Bunting, one of two I have seen.

Another first in the yard a Catbird, I hear him quit often now but only have seen him twice.

Female Bunting, one of three observed. 

These are the tattle tails of the yard along with the Mourning doves, Cant sneak up on a bird with out them flying away and scaring all the other birds away. (Ground Dove)

America Goldfinch. Two came and made a appearance for the other old birder. What a nice Birthday surprise for her. Another Florida bird list check off. 

Back view of Goldfinch.