Sunday, July 29, 2012

The two old birder set off to Deerfield Island Park  both have lived here forever me a native and Cindy a semi-native  neither have been suppose to be home to the Gopher tortoise and armadillo, and Florida skunk and many birds  other than the woodpecker  none of the above seen did smell the skunk. Guess its was to hot for them also. The mocking bird and starling and iguana were at the park while we were awaiting the ferry to the island . Well maybe this Fall better luck. Well onto the arboretum to see the trees and flowers. way to hot in south Fl to bird in July,August and Sept  swear I wont try again but always do.  lol Till the next adventure or lack of one.  
I think a young mockingbird

Iguana's are alive and well on the east side of town. and he is a handsome one!

European Starling

one of the very few birds seen on our outing   Red bellied woodpecker 

Many butterflies  but none were very cooperative. Caught this Daggerwing of guard. 

Blue Jay trying to elude the camera

potato vine flower  

Rainbow Eucalyptus tree

Beautiful evergreen...   that would look great in my living room    lol  

cant remember what they are , but smelled great

another vine flower   they were very cooperative

one of many of our little squirrels   seen

looks like a zinnia   who knows pretty

maybe this is the potato vine flower?  obviously wasn't paying attention.

Don't ask ?

Saturday, July 21, 2012

I (Lauren) one old birder went to Green Cay Wetlands in Delray this morning. It started off slow ,but by the end of the morning things picked up. along with the pictures below also seen were Baby Purple Gallinule,White Ibis, Snowy egret, Giant egret, and cormorants. 
young Little Blue Heron

Adult Blue Heron

Mottled Duck

Tri colored preening

Great Blue Heron

Black -bellied whistling ducks

Tri Colored

Common Moorhen

wetland hibiscus

Glossy Ibis

Red-winged Blackbird

Black-crowned night heron



Baby soft shelled turtle

Crepe Myrtle

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Birding Adventure

Well the two old birders finally got back together Sat. A.M. to go,  guess where ? birding ! And we took the young chick, Barbara who has become quit a good birder and spotter, when the other old birder is not available(Cindy), myself (Lauren) is always available. Well onto the story. We headed back to Snake Rd towards the Seminole res. since I and my hubby saw so many neat birds last week.  Well it took a little while  but finally the Caracara's and there were more this week  and several hawks . Finally one lone turkey on the run as soon as the camera appeared, or maybe it was the two girls chasing him, I stayed behind since I saw him last week, that's why no pic of him in blog.  Well as our sense of direction would have it, after fueling up we drove past the reservation and hadn't noticed till far enough away not to care. A new adventure up ahead. Deciding to go towards the Lake on we went. I notice a dead bird on the side of the road swearing it was a owl, we backed the car up and all got out .To our dismay it was a Barn Owl so beautiful.We were especially sad because Cindy and I have been waiting to see a live owl of any kind,out in the wild. Well we decided there, were barn owls here we needed a barn , well as luck would have it around the corner and down the road, you got it. we threw caution to the wind and decided to go into the creepy old barn.Cindy volunteered to be the head scout. we held the door open so she could enter  two steps  in, out she came screaming there's a bird in there. Well of course!This is what we wanted to see.So in we went .The Owl flew out the back, after we were back in, it came flying in, seeing us and a u turn back out it went. We waited a little longer but he did not return . We could I.D. him as a Barn Owl. Ended up at Sawgrass rec area. Then decided to go see Peafowl ,Barbara knew of a neighbor hood on the east side of town. Then back west. A long day driving, but a adventure as always with the two old birders and the young chick.       
Great Blue in a grassy pasture on Snake rd.

Alligator in the lake in front of pasture and he was swimming our way

Male Crested Carcara on a old snag

There's the female

The whole picture

Another one down the road

the cows just hanging out

Limpkin heading to Clewiston

Old creepy barn

and yes we went in

The door there is where the Barn Owl escaped our photo

The lower portion of the Lake   "O"

A Laughing Gull  at the boat dock

Female Peafowl in a neighborhood east Ft. Lauderdale

and there he is so royal

how beautiful looks like a fine tapestry

While we were in the neighborhood  a detour for sentimental  reason the church I was married in First Christian

And finally a little park on that side of town and getting in the car a Black and White Warbler... good spot Barb 

Oh and a creepy old barn wouldn't be complete without a snake   and cobwebs