Saturday, July 7, 2012

I (Lauren) went out this am with my hubby, wanted to see Crested Caracara that were reported  out by the Seminole reservation off alligator alley. First spotted these turkey's then a young alligator on the roadside  by the time we turned around it was in deep grass no shot available. then we ran across the box turtle and finally one lone Caracara few shots from the camera the up in a tree he went. I saw him though another off my list. after the boardwalk at the museum off to West Palm area looking at houses, that's where the duck and geese  and woodpecker were seen. Over all a great day.     
Wild Turkey

Wild Turkey and young ones

Florida Box Turtle

Crested Caracara

Same Caracara  different pose was quit concerned with me taking his picture

Young Red-shoulder Hawk

Swallow-tailed Kite

Of course a Cardinal     every chance I can get

Red shouldered Hawk on roadside

Sandhill Cranes

Peking Duck and Chinese geese

Pileated Woodpecker   flew in fast wasn't quit sure took shot  from far away   ( cropped)

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