Sunday, April 29, 2012

Green Cay post rainy weekend

A visit to Green Cay...  after a wet weekend, hoping the rain would stop when we got there and a little prayer  helped. Arrived to a cool breezy overcast DRY Green Cay, and a lot of birds.There was birds talking and calling the whole time.thought it might be a good day after seeing a lot of different birds along the Sawgrass Expressway in the lakes made by the rain, swimming and eating.Dan as usual was a great spotter helping me get a great shot with him using the binoculars. 
A Magical forest from a Disney cartoon

Medium size Alligator

A Large Alligator

 A wild Gerbil (according to Dan)

A Marsh Rabbit

Peek a


Male Cardinal  sing for Dan   Dan kept imitating his song and he loved it

A not so shy Raccoon

A Rosette Spoonbill flying in for a landing

 Safe Landing

Purple Martin House

Moorhen eggs

Black Bellied Whistling Duck eating seed with the Grackles

Baby Moorhen ooh this is gross I suppose to swim in this

Great Blue Heron  and Baby  almost grown

? snake eyeing Moorhens eggs

Male Anhinga posing

First and smallest Gator we saw they just got bigger

A Rosy  posing  #2

Sunday, April 22, 2012

backyard visitors

Could'nt get out birding this weekend because of rain but had a new visitor in my yard a male Downy Woodpecker he came back and forth several times Sat. and there are a total of four female buntings now. The male were to shy for pics today.
Two female Buntings on feeder

The other two on ground

Bluejay waiting his turn

Male Downy woodpecker


same woodpecker

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Backporch birding in Georgia

Went to a neighbors house to sit on her backporch to do some birding and this is some of what I saw!
not sure of this ones I.D. but what a colorfull bird

possibly a orchard oriole?

Chirping Sparrow

Chirping Sparrow

Red Bellied  Woodpecker

Seems to be enjoying the suet

American Goldfinsh still in his winter plumage, getting there  

American Goldlfinch

Fly over by a Canadian goose