Sunday, April 29, 2012

Green Cay post rainy weekend

A visit to Green Cay...  after a wet weekend, hoping the rain would stop when we got there and a little prayer  helped. Arrived to a cool breezy overcast DRY Green Cay, and a lot of birds.There was birds talking and calling the whole time.thought it might be a good day after seeing a lot of different birds along the Sawgrass Expressway in the lakes made by the rain, swimming and eating.Dan as usual was a great spotter helping me get a great shot with him using the binoculars. 
A Magical forest from a Disney cartoon

Medium size Alligator

A Large Alligator

 A wild Gerbil (according to Dan)

A Marsh Rabbit

Peek a


Male Cardinal  sing for Dan   Dan kept imitating his song and he loved it

A not so shy Raccoon

A Rosette Spoonbill flying in for a landing

 Safe Landing

Purple Martin House

Moorhen eggs

Black Bellied Whistling Duck eating seed with the Grackles

Baby Moorhen ooh this is gross I suppose to swim in this

Great Blue Heron  and Baby  almost grown

? snake eyeing Moorhens eggs

Male Anhinga posing

First and smallest Gator we saw they just got bigger

A Rosy  posing  #2

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  1. What a treat for my ole eyes. Great captures! I'll add Green Cay to my list, thanks.


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