Saturday, May 12, 2012

Barbara and I went to Pembroke Pines today, to a levee  in search of birds and bobcats saw some birds but no bobcats.  Though we did see three beautiful deer what a great surprise. Also a great workout on the bikes though we needed ATV'S   but a good time. Saw a new bird the nighthawk  yea!  

Common Nighthawk, scared it into flight  best pic I could get 

? who made these 

path off levee we took to eventually see the first deer

Good spot Barb!   doe starring at us across small canal  

Palm Warbler

thought it was a mocking bird but not so sure  has a brown wing?

another spot for Barbara  leaving the levee   she was behind  the homes

and along came her friend

should I stay or should I go?

maybe a few more minutes

no changed my mind  I'm out of here

'"  Arn"t  you going to stop me

looking down levee

looking west of levee

looking north of levee

Turkey vulture

Yellow crown night heron and baby

yellow crown night heron

juvenile Yellow crown night heron

same one just closer

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