Saturday, March 31, 2012

Green Cay with Corinne

  Off to Green Cay looking for the American Bittern, a heron looking bird .. that was seen there last week. Didn't get to see him , but saw alot of nice birds anyway. The water levels were down and in some areas non existent .
Soft Shelled Turtle

Pied-billed Grebe displaying 

Same Grebe female not paying any attention


not sure  some kind of shorebird

Male Red Wing Blackbird

Little Blue Heron

Snowy Egret


Blue Winged Teal

Purple Gallinue

Mama Great Blue with chick

Green Sandpiper

Already feeling the effects of motherhood (note hair)

Mottled Ducks

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Went to Dagger Wing this A.M. hoping to see something new, now that it is spring migration . Heard alot , but did not see alot . .Did see something new though ( 2 ) Brown Thrashers in a tree kinda far away , but was able to get good enough shots to crop. I was excited about that . The other old Birder sitting at home in a cast. Wishing she could go too. 
Red Bellied Woodpecker

Brown Thrasher

Male  and F emal Brown Thrasher

Male Cardinal

Female Cardinal

Downey Woodpecker

Monday, March 12, 2012

Chapel Trail and Everglades Holiday Park and my own yard

Went to Chapel Trail Nature area Sat. A.M.  was'nt much to see  a few mottled ducks ,great egret, common coots several Warblers only one I got a picture of. On the way there driving on U.S 27 saw a young bald eagle , osprey and a hawk. On the way home decided to stop by the everglades  Holiday Park saw a beautiful Peacock roaming around and the shrike on the way out. Came home and saw the best birds my Cardinal and the Buntings  2 boys and 1 girl.    
The two Male Painted  Buntings

Arn't they beautiful

Baby calfs at pasture near Chapel Trail

Immature bald eagle

Marsh rabbit


Praire Warbler

Loggerhead Shrike

Male Peacock at Holiday Park

White Ibis

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Went to Everglades National Park with the other Old Birder and spouse's this is just alittle of what we saw.
Rosette Spoonbills
Female Commorant
Baby Anhingas
Gator teeth

Blossoming air fern

Great Blue Heron  ( do u see whats waiting on him)    a gator

Love is in the air

Lion's and Tiger's and Bear's  no just Dan


The tip of the park  where it run's into the bay

Ruddy Turnstones

Osprey calling us  take my picture

Spotted Sandpiper

Osprey Family