Monday, March 12, 2012

Chapel Trail and Everglades Holiday Park and my own yard

Went to Chapel Trail Nature area Sat. A.M.  was'nt much to see  a few mottled ducks ,great egret, common coots several Warblers only one I got a picture of. On the way there driving on U.S 27 saw a young bald eagle , osprey and a hawk. On the way home decided to stop by the everglades  Holiday Park saw a beautiful Peacock roaming around and the shrike on the way out. Came home and saw the best birds my Cardinal and the Buntings  2 boys and 1 girl.    
The two Male Painted  Buntings

Arn't they beautiful

Baby calfs at pasture near Chapel Trail

Immature bald eagle

Marsh rabbit


Praire Warbler

Loggerhead Shrike

Male Peacock at Holiday Park

White Ibis

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