Sunday, November 10, 2013

Florida road trip

The Two Old Birders went on a road trip last week around Florida, to see what we could see. Hoping on a Black bear or Panther. That did not happen, though we are happy to have seen the wildlife we saw. Area's we ventured to were.... St. Marks WMA, Payne's Prairie Preserve, Ochlockonee River State Park, Shell Point Beach, Cape Canaveral, Cocoa Beach, Kennesaw, and Three Lakes WMA. Oh and started in Ocala National Forest.                               Posted by Lauren.. Pictures by Lauren and Cindy
Orange Crowned Warbler

Immature Yellow Rumped Warbler

Wild turkey on side of road.

Bald eagle with a dead raccoon

Mate keeping a eye out for him

Turkey becoming camera shy

Doe within arms reach. So cool.

White squirrel in Ochlockonee State Park

Wild Cracker horse's in Payne's Prairie

First group of five

American Bison at Payne's Prairie

Here he is side view

Swamp Sparrow

Fluffy Snowy Egrets

Savannah Sparrows

Saturday, October 26, 2013

McCarthy' Wildlife Sanctuary

I visited McCarthy's Wildlife Sanctuary this week. Located in Loxahatchee, Fl. What a wonderful place, they are on five acres and is a permanent home for all exotic and injured animals. They take in exotics that have been used for shows or owned by people you cant care for them anymore. And are a refuge for injured birds and wildlife. If able they will rehab and release back into the wild. The animals were beautiful and well cared for. The cleanest place I have ever seen, housing animals and a wonderful selection. If a animal cant live in the habitat it is meant to be in, then this is the next best place.                                              Posted by Lauren      
Giant land tortoise

American Crocodile bought as a pet.

Siberian tiger

White tiger interacting with the guide.

This is a Liger. ( tiger and lion)

Tiger enjoying his treat

King of the Sanctuary


Black Leopard

He was talking to the guide.

Leopard ( mother to the black one)

Repo the Florida panther found in a motel six room.

Repo's gal

Friday, October 11, 2013

Birding Port St. Lucie

The Two Old birders were out and about again this Thur.! We decided since the weather was getting nicer to get out and see some new sites. Since my backyard was vacant of all bird life. Which is kind of strange, a great summer now all my birds seem to have left. Very confusing and disturbing to me. So we went birding to celebrate my birthday.And what a present I received, we finally saw our elusive Florida Scrub Jay. We had been trying to find him for two years now. Eluded us on the west coast. And since I have moved to Palm Beach County, none  of the areas where they have been  known to be . This is a lifer for the two of us. I have seen other people's  post 's of them, like they were all over the place. Then finally Happy Birthday to me!                      Posted by Lauren
Male Red start at Paleo Hammocks Preserve 

Just because it was neat

Working pump. soo cool

American Kestrel

Indrio Savannas

Couldn't really tell with sun position. But had a hunch.

They didn't seem to mind us so we got around them for a better position.

These were at Savanna's State Park

Posing for the camera

He came back for another photo shoot

Florida Scrub Jay 

Sandhill Crane at the Savannah's

The Savanna's

and more savanna's

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Okeeheelee Park

My hubby and I went to one of the area parks this morning. I wanted to see if the migration was noticeable yet in Palm Beach. Well a lot of birds heard, but not many seen. Among the ones seen were the red-bellied woodpecker pictured below a hairy or downy one. cardinals, blue jays, doves, and a I think pine warbler. Though we did see a lot of other wildlife, starting with this raccoon family. Then the Gopher tortoise trying to ignore me. Then another two tortoises, and on the way out a armadillo. Not a bad day.         Posted by Lauren
Mom and babies

Gopher tortoise no. 1

No. 2 this guy had no worries.

the only woodpecker picture that came out good.

onto no. three.

Dilly on a mission.

Was nice enough to look up for only a moment.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

I Spy other things in the yard

I've been seeing other wildlife over the last several weeks. So I decided to blog them. Just as cute in their own ways.                     Posted by Lauren 
Some kind of tree frog,possibly a green on that changes colors, I read they can do that sits on the front window sill almost every day. Disappears at nite reappears in the morning.

 This one is a baby.
Zebra butterfly

Being nosy one day in the pool, decides to look into the skimmer basket.

Time for a photo before my husband puts him back in the bushes. A Florida Brown snake.

A Dragon fly not sure which one. Any help to I.D. it.

Different view

Very small butterfly, again not sure of the type?

Outside view

Lubber grasshopper watching my husband paint. Haven't seen one since we moved in and two appeared today.

Yet another tree frog.

I see you!

Last night hopping around the porch. Boy my cat wanted to get out and get him.