Monday, April 29, 2013

Itchin for Birdin

Was itch'in to go bird'in, and no one to go with so off I went to my old reliables Green Cay and Loxahatchee WMA. Knowing summer is upon us and the birding will be getting slow, and being in the middle of a move, I have to seize every opportunity.  Well not bad for a two hour jaunt.
                                                      Posted by.... Lauren
Anhinga getting his due

Build it they will come

Saw 3 , only got one pic.

Gotta love ducks

So pretty

Sandpiper spotted or solitary?

Least Sandpiper

Lesser Yellow legs

Of course a gator

Another Screech Owl   Yea

Soo. cute

Black Neck Stilt

This will be the final post of the old birders trip to Fort Myers beach and surrounding areas.For two "old" people we sure packed alot of spots into 2 and a half days and did a crazy amount of driving (some of it in circles) it is hard to adjust to the west coast after living on the east for so long! This post will include sunrise and sunset on Sanibel Island, Lakes Park in Fort Myers Beach the road to Estero, Babcock Webb Nature Center and who knows what else, just a wrap up of a fun and rewarding birding trip. Enjoy - we did...posted by cindy pics by both old birders
Gopher tortoise on the road to Estero

Llama just hanging out in a field with his friends

Sea urchin on Sanibel Beach at sunrise - we rescued him

Beautiful sponge just floating in the water

Black backed gull getting a foot soak

Sunrise on Sanibel Island

Looking for breakfast

One of 3 snakes we saw on our trip

:Lakes Park in Fort Myers Beach - got him flying!

On Sanibel Beach - reminded us of home

Sandhill Crane chicks at Babcock Webb

Wind blown Egret back at Sanibel Beach

A starfish that we rescued off the beach

Cheers to all - Sunset at Sanibel! Can't wait for our next trip!!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Ding Darling Part Four

Went to Ding Darling the first day we were there, but not as active as last Feb. Though we got a better pic. of the red egret than last year , he was closer to the road this year, but disappointed in the amount of birds this year. Off to another venue.
Reddish Egret

Osprey   I think he was cooling down , it was hot that weekend.

Red breasted Merganser

Shore bird ?

Another view of the bird

American white pelicans

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Day two of our great adventure is here Sanibel Island here we   
 come! Since the old birders were migrating through the west cost of Fl. we were hoping to see many migrating birds on the island too. But after scouring the entire grounds around the lighthouse we did not locate any migratory birds, but we did see some interesting locals. Sanibel is always a beautiful place to visit even if the indigo bunting wasn't around. Today we wore our beach shoes so no jelly fish stings.  posted by cindy - pics by lauren and cindy
Pleated Woodpecker

Ospreys at home

Ospreys feeding or kissing?

Frigate Bird Male ? any help

Royal Tern

Fiddler Crab

Egret posing for us

Dolphin missing dorsal fin - fisherman on pier talking about it has been around for weeks

""Hen" Party!!!
Pileated Woodpecker hard at work
Grey king bird
Mamma Dolphin with baby at her side

I think they all want the same fish...

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Bunche Beach always fun. part 3 of the Old Birders weekend

After going to the swamp and the slough, we headed over to the beach. (Bunche) This year it wasn't as active with shorebirds , but as always an adventure. This year while wading in the shore I kept getting stung on my toes, but not Cindy. Then she got it "ouch." Now I knew it wasn't in my head, as I looked down , ah ha thousands of little clear jellyfish. And of course we had ventured even further out. What a site that must of been . Two adults hopping and jumping in the water. Like hopscotch. Oh well, it is still day one. This is nothing for the two old birders. Two more days left to find real trouble, or is it trouble that finds us?  The adventure continues.     Posted by Lauren, Photos by Lauren and Cindy.
The evil little thing.
The two old birder's footprints

Sanderling on the hunt
Willet strolling along in the water.

Hitch hiker's

Not sure? Any help to I.D. 

Great Blue posing for us.

Frigate bird ? female


Let's have a picnic.

Had enough of this photo session.

Pelican fly by, surely practicing for the upcoming air show.