Monday, April 29, 2013

Itchin for Birdin

Was itch'in to go bird'in, and no one to go with so off I went to my old reliables Green Cay and Loxahatchee WMA. Knowing summer is upon us and the birding will be getting slow, and being in the middle of a move, I have to seize every opportunity.  Well not bad for a two hour jaunt.
                                                      Posted by.... Lauren
Anhinga getting his due

Build it they will come

Saw 3 , only got one pic.

Gotta love ducks

So pretty

Sandpiper spotted or solitary?

Least Sandpiper

Lesser Yellow legs

Of course a gator

Another Screech Owl   Yea

Soo. cute

Black Neck Stilt


  1. Hi Lauren, My Daughter is home for the bank-holiday weekend, and we have just been admiring your lated pics, and wishing we were back there. I like to scroll down the page slowly and try to guess what the birds are. got them all right apart from the ducks, is it possible they are Mottled Duck?
    Take care, Gordon.
    PS. good luck with the move.

  2. Yes Gordon. They are Mottled ducks, sorry I didn't post the names. So glad you enjoy the blog!


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