Sunday, April 21, 2013

Day two of our great adventure is here Sanibel Island here we   
 come! Since the old birders were migrating through the west cost of Fl. we were hoping to see many migrating birds on the island too. But after scouring the entire grounds around the lighthouse we did not locate any migratory birds, but we did see some interesting locals. Sanibel is always a beautiful place to visit even if the indigo bunting wasn't around. Today we wore our beach shoes so no jelly fish stings.  posted by cindy - pics by lauren and cindy
Pleated Woodpecker

Ospreys at home

Ospreys feeding or kissing?

Frigate Bird Male ? any help

Royal Tern

Fiddler Crab

Egret posing for us

Dolphin missing dorsal fin - fisherman on pier talking about it has been around for weeks

""Hen" Party!!!
Pileated Woodpecker hard at work
Grey king bird
Mamma Dolphin with baby at her side

I think they all want the same fish...

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