Friday, April 5, 2013

How they've grown!

Barbara and I went to the Loxahatchee wildlife preserve to see the owlets and, my how big they are getting. Soon they will be fledging for sure , they are climbing and fluttering. Still in the same tree but no sign of the nest. No sign of the parents at first then soon one flew in with some food, but to another tree. Also seen there were Blue wing teals, mottled, coots, a lot of Cardinals Giant egret Great blue heron, little blue, Catbird, Red bellied woodpecker. Armadillo, no deer or bobcats today. Guess I cant have it all.                     Posted by Lauren 

Adult at dusk

Same adult top of tree calling out

Owlet getting their colors 

The two together

This one was quite active, climbing and  head bobbing.  

Looks like their talking

Couldn't get enough of watching them.

Adult made a appearance  guessing it was the male , he flew to the tree he I always see him in.

Same Owl

Note has some prey next to him

He pulled it from the tree's limb  elbow

He later flew to the tree behind the owlets and started de furring it.

The Pileated's were heard all around the preserve .


  1. AWESOME photos! It is amazing how fast they grow!!

  2. What a great post, you have sickened me off, as I past quite close to that place, I think, going North on the Turn Pike, but didn't have time to call in. Good to see the progress of the owls.
    Take care Gordon.


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