Sunday, March 24, 2013

Still observing the owls

Since I wanted to show my "better" half the owlets at Loxahatchee I foolishly missed the the bobcats etc
that my best friend and fellow blogger was able to see, but it was still a beautiful morning and the owlets are getting bigger and the male owl was busy showing off! We also found out that we are able to take our boat . there and launch - so hopefully before summer really sets in we will have some great blogs. Posted by Cindy
There are still 2 owlets, but not much of a nest

Better shot of the baby - sure is getting bigger - fledgling soon?

An unusual flower on the marsh trail

Now adventure complete for me without at least one heron pic - liked the background here

Pappa owl showing off his wing span - spotted him as we were leaving

Beautiful back view - shaking his tail feathers

Finally showed his "wise old owl" face without moss hanging in front 

Last of all I can't seem to leave the Everglades without a gator pic - he was a big one for sure!!

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  1. Great captures of the owlets and Papa Great Horned owl.
    We miss the Bobcat while we were there also. We did spot one at Riverbend Park in Jupiter awhile back.
    I believe the white flower is a Alligator Lily.


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