Saturday, March 2, 2013

A Great Day for Two Old Birders

Went to Loxahatchee Nature Preserve today with Cindy in hopes of seeing the great horned owl that has been spotted there with the owlet. To our delight a volunteer was out with digiscopes on the owls, so you could imagine our excitement, not to have to try to track them down on our own. Could not see the owlet though. Then off to Wakodahatchee to see the babies. Over all a great day, also celebrating the other old birders B.D. 
Female on nest

Purple Galinules standing off

Galinules fighting , note the other looking on. Maybe a female?
Male in another tree

Baby Anhingas

Still battling had to walk away , to disturbing

Anhinga with tiny baby

Blue winged teal

juvi  great blue

Mom feeding baby a fish

Black crowned night heron hiding

Owl through a digiscope from my i phone

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  1. Wow, that Gallinule fight was intense! That is disturbing to watch. I saw some Common Gallinules fighting yesterday and I thought one was going to drown the other; I guess they mean business! So sweet to see all the babies!


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