Thursday, February 21, 2013

Three in one

Three birding trips in one. Two weekends ago I went to see the Pembroke pines eagle nest to see the eaglet, unable to see any activity in the nest, was leaving the area when one of the adults flew into the area, lucked out. Then last weekend Cindy and I joined the Hendry county Audubon  caravan through the STA5  area outside Clewiston. It was quit the cool field trip, saw several life list birds. Then a quick trip through the Plantation preserve park with Cindy and her granddaughter ( a future birder) to see the last two plus several others. Not a bad couple of weeks.  
Bald eagle   giving me the eagle eye

Peregrine falcon      life list

Purple swamp hen        life list

Northern shoveler

Tropical king bird       life list

Red shouldered hawk

Great blue heron with a  big catfish

Belted kingfisher

one of many gators

Blue-grey gnatcatcher

Yellow rumped ?   though it looked much larger than a warbler.


  1. Amazing shots of the Eagle, Peregrine Falcon and other birds. Your life list is growing by leaps and bounds- congrats!
    Happy birding :0

  2. American Bald Eagles are such amazing birds to see in person. Happy birding :)

  3. Awesome photos!!! Sounds like some great trips! I have yet to see a Peregrine Falcon!


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