Sunday, March 30, 2014

Big Pine Key and Dry Tortuga's

Recent trip To the Dry Tortuga's, with a stop by Big Pine Key to see the Key deer. How adorable and friendly, was able to get close enough to touch her nose. Then down to Key West to catch the ferry to Fort Jefferson to go birding, with my friend.    Lauren                      
Key Deer

So wanted him to come home with me.

Fort Jefferson

Busch Key ad joining island, where to Sooty Terns Nest. 

Leather back Island

Beautiful Caribbean water.

Magnificent Frigate bird

Sooty Tern

Barn swallow

Male and Female

Black Skimmer

Brown Noddy's

Not sure Brown or Black Noddy ?

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Picking out a house

We put up a Screech owl box a few weeks ago, hoping on getting a owl I had seen a few times. Well for two days in a row a Starling was seen flicking out the shavings from inside the box. This made me upset :( and yesterday I noticed this young guy checking it out. Then within a half hour, I think the correct tenet occupied the box.      Lauren   
Red Bellied Woodpecker
Hmm maybe

Fit's just right

Eastern Screech Owl

No! Mr Owl not my cardinal   :/

The new backyard King

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Is this a Parakeet at my feeder?

I was sitting on the patio the other day with the dogs, watching the birds. When I noticed what appeared to be a possible blue bird in the feeder with the Buntings. My first thought was this looks like a blue Parakeet, like the ones we had as kids. I sent my husband  to get the bino's and camera. (this is one time the camera wasn't around my neck, waiting in anticipation for a new bird to show up). Now realizing this wasn't a Parakeet, I started snapping pics. While uploading them to the computer I got my Stokes field guide out and confirmed this was indeed A Indigo Bunting , male possible second to third year. Even though he wasn't the dark blue color, it was a great excitement for me. Another one towards the " Wings Over Florida."    Yea Lauren   
Buntings feeding

one more picture, then I am gone.