Saturday, August 24, 2013

I Spy other things in the yard

I've been seeing other wildlife over the last several weeks. So I decided to blog them. Just as cute in their own ways.                     Posted by Lauren 
Some kind of tree frog,possibly a green on that changes colors, I read they can do that sits on the front window sill almost every day. Disappears at nite reappears in the morning.

 This one is a baby.
Zebra butterfly

Being nosy one day in the pool, decides to look into the skimmer basket.

Time for a photo before my husband puts him back in the bushes. A Florida Brown snake.

A Dragon fly not sure which one. Any help to I.D. it.

Different view

Very small butterfly, again not sure of the type?

Outside view

Lubber grasshopper watching my husband paint. Haven't seen one since we moved in and two appeared today.

Yet another tree frog.

I see you!

Last night hopping around the porch. Boy my cat wanted to get out and get him.