Saturday, October 29, 2011

Green Cay

Visited Green Cay Thursday with BFF finally! saw our old friends , and was excited to see the Blue Winged Teals back. Little ones trying to dabble to cute. Also saw  and Vireo?  will research and add later.Welcome home Cindy! 

Juvenile Wood Stork

Painted Bunting  (male)

male and female Painted Buntings

Blue Winged Teal

Snowy Egret

I think a Palm Warbler?

I almost forgot to add this sweet lady my favorite bird a Cardinal (female)
There was a large it's 5 o'clock somewhere party of Wood Storks and Vultures at a near by community's lake  on our way out of Green Cay. We were disappointed there were no Storks and wal'a.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Getting Started


Wood Stork
Who would have thought two friends that have met in nursing school,had weddings, raised familes now are out watching and learning about birds? Birding has become another bonding experience for us and we are out whenever we can. These are 3 birds I can't get enough of - taken at Green Cay Nature Center.

J.W.Corbitt wildlife management area and Wellington Wetlands... October 22,2011

Dan and I went to J.W.Corbitt wildlike management area, where we saw several warblers . I think Palm and Pine. and a  Cardinal, Red Bellied woodpeckers ,and Sand hill Cranes. Then we went to Wellington Wetland saw several more Warblers, Herons, a Limpkin ,  Red Shouldered Hawks , Snail Kites,and a new bird I have never seen before a Loggerhead shrike. A gator and butterflies , it was a beautiful day for naturing with my hubby.

Black Vulture
Sand Hill Cranes
Palm Warbler ?

Loggerhead Shrike

Palm Warbler?

Pine Warbler?

Red Shouldered Hawk


Red Shouldered Hawk


Snail Kite

Tri Colored Heron