Saturday, October 22, 2011

J.W.Corbitt wildlife management area and Wellington Wetlands... October 22,2011

Dan and I went to J.W.Corbitt wildlike management area, where we saw several warblers . I think Palm and Pine. and a  Cardinal, Red Bellied woodpeckers ,and Sand hill Cranes. Then we went to Wellington Wetland saw several more Warblers, Herons, a Limpkin ,  Red Shouldered Hawks , Snail Kites,and a new bird I have never seen before a Loggerhead shrike. A gator and butterflies , it was a beautiful day for naturing with my hubby.

Black Vulture
Sand Hill Cranes
Palm Warbler ?

Loggerhead Shrike

Palm Warbler?

Pine Warbler?

Red Shouldered Hawk


Red Shouldered Hawk


Snail Kite

Tri Colored Heron

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