Saturday, February 2, 2013

Around the yard

Sometimes you just don't need to go far to see birds and wildlife. Sometimes their in your own backyard, and front . And sometimes there's nothing to be seen anywhere, but the last several days have been good in the yard. Also seen (2) Red bellied woodpeckers, female Cardinal, Palm Warbler, plus several of my doves.  
Posted by Lauren

Female Painted Bunting at my feeder

Pied billed Grebe in our canal

Osprey in a tree on the canal

one of many squirrels

Moon this a.m.

Anhinga in the canal

Male Painted Bunting in one of the feeders

Grackle in the Poinciana tree
Yellow bellied sapsucker in the Poinciana tree


  1. Love the new look of your page! Great photos! Last Sunday, we spent most of the day in the backyard and had many of the same visitors! But, we only get a female Painted Bunting; would love to have a male!

  2. Yea figured it out finally. Thanks for the advise. If I get a second male. I will send one your way.

  3. Your header photo is awesome.. I love lighthouses.
    Wonderful collection of bird shots here. Each one is a beauty.
    Happy birding :)

  4. What a lovely set of pics. I am very envious of your bird photos, and a great moon shot, you must have borrowed some equipment from NASA for that one ;-)
    Take care, and all the best Gordon.


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