Saturday, March 23, 2013

Finally Bobcats

Ever have one of those days when you set out to find a particular bird or lets say bobcat, and it not looking good then all of the sudden, you see a group of photographers and you know something has there interest. Leaving Green Cay ,Barbara and I noticed that, stopping to see what it was all about and not seeing anything. Going on our way then I heard bobcat. We both looked at each other like, jackpot. Thanks to the kindness of the guys there taking pics we were able to get a few of our own. Then off to Lox nature refuge to show Barbara the owls. She backs the truck up and says a deer. Out  in a flash snapping pics. Deer left, and I hear whats that, its a bobcat no two. WOW is all I can say to describe today. Plus a first for her a otter and pics of pileated woodpeckers. And  for me a American Bittern picture and bobcats. Life is good......posted by Lauren    
River otter

American Bittern

River Otter

Bobcat at Green Cay

same cat

Rocky at Green Cay

Deer at Lox.  note to the left in grass, white dot

Hmm what could it be?

The deer wasn't quit sure what to do

finally left in the same direction of the bobcat

awe it must be lonely

Baby Great Horned Owl

Pileated woodpeckers

not lonely has a friend.

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  1. Man, that was quite a day!!! Congrats on the double Bobcat sighting, how cool!


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