Saturday, April 20, 2013

Bunche Beach always fun. part 3 of the Old Birders weekend

After going to the swamp and the slough, we headed over to the beach. (Bunche) This year it wasn't as active with shorebirds , but as always an adventure. This year while wading in the shore I kept getting stung on my toes, but not Cindy. Then she got it "ouch." Now I knew it wasn't in my head, as I looked down , ah ha thousands of little clear jellyfish. And of course we had ventured even further out. What a site that must of been . Two adults hopping and jumping in the water. Like hopscotch. Oh well, it is still day one. This is nothing for the two old birders. Two more days left to find real trouble, or is it trouble that finds us?  The adventure continues.     Posted by Lauren, Photos by Lauren and Cindy.
The evil little thing.
The two old birder's footprints

Sanderling on the hunt
Willet strolling along in the water.

Hitch hiker's

Not sure? Any help to I.D. 

Great Blue posing for us.

Frigate bird ? female


Let's have a picnic.

Had enough of this photo session.

Pelican fly by, surely practicing for the upcoming air show.

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  1. Great shots! Those jelly fish sure do sting! I think the pair you weren't sure about are Red Knots.


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