Monday, April 29, 2013

This will be the final post of the old birders trip to Fort Myers beach and surrounding areas.For two "old" people we sure packed alot of spots into 2 and a half days and did a crazy amount of driving (some of it in circles) it is hard to adjust to the west coast after living on the east for so long! This post will include sunrise and sunset on Sanibel Island, Lakes Park in Fort Myers Beach the road to Estero, Babcock Webb Nature Center and who knows what else, just a wrap up of a fun and rewarding birding trip. Enjoy - we did...posted by cindy pics by both old birders
Gopher tortoise on the road to Estero

Llama just hanging out in a field with his friends

Sea urchin on Sanibel Beach at sunrise - we rescued him

Beautiful sponge just floating in the water

Black backed gull getting a foot soak

Sunrise on Sanibel Island

Looking for breakfast

One of 3 snakes we saw on our trip

:Lakes Park in Fort Myers Beach - got him flying!

On Sanibel Beach - reminded us of home

Sandhill Crane chicks at Babcock Webb

Wind blown Egret back at Sanibel Beach

A starfish that we rescued off the beach

Cheers to all - Sunset at Sanibel! Can't wait for our next trip!!


  1. Awesome shots! You ladies did so well on your trip! Interesting to see the close up of all the different sea life that washed up.

  2. Its been great following your adventure, and all the interesting pic, I look forward to your next one .
    All the very best, Gordon.

  3. PS. Thankyou for the snake ID,


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