Saturday, July 21, 2012

I (Lauren) one old birder went to Green Cay Wetlands in Delray this morning. It started off slow ,but by the end of the morning things picked up. along with the pictures below also seen were Baby Purple Gallinule,White Ibis, Snowy egret, Giant egret, and cormorants. 
young Little Blue Heron

Adult Blue Heron

Mottled Duck

Tri colored preening

Great Blue Heron

Black -bellied whistling ducks

Tri Colored

Common Moorhen

wetland hibiscus

Glossy Ibis

Red-winged Blackbird

Black-crowned night heron



Baby soft shelled turtle

Crepe Myrtle

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  1. What a great variety of birds you have captured! I love to see the mottling Little Blues, they look so cool! The Crepe Myrtle is beautiful also!


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