Sunday, July 29, 2012

The two old birder set off to Deerfield Island Park  both have lived here forever me a native and Cindy a semi-native  neither have been suppose to be home to the Gopher tortoise and armadillo, and Florida skunk and many birds  other than the woodpecker  none of the above seen did smell the skunk. Guess its was to hot for them also. The mocking bird and starling and iguana were at the park while we were awaiting the ferry to the island . Well maybe this Fall better luck. Well onto the arboretum to see the trees and flowers. way to hot in south Fl to bird in July,August and Sept  swear I wont try again but always do.  lol Till the next adventure or lack of one.  
I think a young mockingbird

Iguana's are alive and well on the east side of town. and he is a handsome one!

European Starling

one of the very few birds seen on our outing   Red bellied woodpecker 

Many butterflies  but none were very cooperative. Caught this Daggerwing of guard. 

Blue Jay trying to elude the camera

potato vine flower  

Rainbow Eucalyptus tree

Beautiful evergreen...   that would look great in my living room    lol  

cant remember what they are , but smelled great

another vine flower   they were very cooperative

one of many of our little squirrels   seen

looks like a zinnia   who knows pretty

maybe this is the potato vine flower?  obviously wasn't paying attention.

Don't ask ?

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