Thursday, July 12, 2012

Me, Cindy- the other Old Birder- just returned from a trip to Blairsville, Ga. with my husband- not the other Old Birder ( these things happen) but I did get some birding in!We stopped for a family visit in Tallahssee, Fl. and I spotted 2 new birds (for Fl.) the tuffted tit mouse and the Carolina chickadee. A new bird for Ga. was the Carolina wren and it was so nice to see the humming birds back- they are amazing. The highlight of the trip was the young bald eagle perching up on a snag at the side of Lake Nottley, he was so big even the 3 non birders in the boat were mesermized! Also got some fun fireworks pics altogether a great trip!!
Tuffted Tit Mouse seen in Tallhassee! Almost to Ga.

Carolina Chickadee also in Talassee feels like Ga.

Rest stop in Macon- must have bee 104 degrees, but the flowers were beautiful

Ruby throated hummingbird there for a long drink

Picture using tripod and sports setting-

From the front porch- actually holding the camera not too bad!

Just love these- Love me /Love me not!

Nottley Dam was just beautiful looks so much larger looking up- than driving over it!


Carolina wren- hopped all over the porch every am was very camera shy!

Finally caught him on the porch rail

Always friendly Tuffed tit mouse

Posing in the tree for all to see

Turned the boat around to see the huge bird in the tree...

Identified the 2 year old Bald Eagle and confirmed by Cornell University

Isn't he majestic?


  1. Wow, love the young Eagle!!! Very majestic, how exciting to see! Nice to see a Hummingbird as well:)

  2. Beautiful cannot wait to go to Blairsville!!!


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