Saturday, January 19, 2013

Old birder #2 -Cindy- finally getting around to posting my summer trip to Ga.! It was a fun time, saw lots of new thing unfortunately any of them birds... reason being my entire family was there. most were nice enough to want to come along birding with me but every time I would stop with my camera someone would say- " do you see something" and off would go any bird around!! but I love them dearly- and did get some good pictures as you will see

A Towhee taken from the front porch - before the family was awake!

The shy male cardinal almost hidden by the pear tree

Best I get of the Humming bird this trip

No Barn Owls in this old barn

Camera ready , Bears retreating 

They decided to look back and see what they were running from

Happy Birthday Smokey

We love you Otis

Mountain sunset


Can you see the beaver?

Hedgehog Ass

Where,s the deer?

Goodbye Lake Nottly

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  1. What an amazing selection of wildlife you encountered on your trip to Ga. Great shots.
    I too have trouble birding with family members who haven't got a clue about how to stalk bird silently!


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