Saturday, January 26, 2013

Bill Baggs Park/Crandon ParkBeach on Crandon

Cindy, Barbara  and I went down to the barrier island of Key Biscayne to go birding and seek adventure. Well not a lot of either but a beautiful morning and gorgeous scenery, made for a great time as always.                                 Posted by.. Lauren    
Beach at Crandon Park

Lizard at Crandon Park .. looks like a hybrid Iguana/Monitor

Florida's famous man-o-war.. Portuguese man-o-war

As best as I can determine a Lesser-black backed Gull

Piping Plover at Bill Baggs

Semipalmated plovers and Sanderlings  @  Bill Baggs

Sunrise  on 1-95

Cindy and Barbara  @ seawall on the Bay side Bill Baggs

One of the several stilt houses in the Bay

Eastern Phoebe

Cape Lighthouse from the bay side

Common Ground Dove . In a tree ?
Royal Tern

I think a Fl. morning glory

Semipalmated Plover

Brown Pelican

Blending in their environment

Cape Lighthouse from the Atlantic side

Downtown Miami from the causeway

Immature Ring billed?

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  1. Thanks girls for a fantastic trip down memory lane and a terrific set of pics. I think it was 2003 the last time we were on that beach, right opposite the visitor and nature centre, we snorkled and found a conch with a hermitt crab inside. Also went to Sundays for lunch, unfortunately it no longer exists. Keep the pics comming.
    All the veryt best, Gordon.


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