Thursday, November 10, 2011

Lauren's backyard getting better everyday

I was so jealous of Cindy when she called me to say she had a painted bunting at her feeder. also happy. I came home today while doing yard work, had my camera as always outside when I noticed a pretty green bird .Thought it was a finch was snapping pictures of it and as I moved to the front of the cage I realized there was another bird there .To my amazement it was the male. I was so excited he spooked and flew away. but saw him again later in my bushes. Couldn't Wait to phone Cindy, yea  a set for both of us.  
Northern Parula Warbler

Black throated blue warbler

Female painted bunting

male painted bunting

juvenile yellowed belly sap sucker

Northern  Parula

juvenile yellow bellied sapsucker
Before the excitement of the buntings I saw two new birds in my front yard. Wow going to love migration season this year.

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