Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Blairseville Trip

On our annual trip to Blairsville I didn't know what to expect  to find in birds, I was very surprised to see 3 new birds that I hadn 't seen before- it was exciting for a winter trip

This cute little Downy Woodpecker is still looking for food in the trees

                                              Very proud of himself

                                                     "action shot?"

                                                       Red Bellied WoodPecker, hanging in the tree- maybe a nest?

                                           Whitebreasted Nuthatch- he got a seed!

                                            Sweet Bluebird just sat on the branch and posed for me and then never saw
                                             him again :(

                                           Snowed one day - didn't bother my birds at all!
                                            Canadian Geese at a small lake near our home
                                                   Dark-eyed Junco saying hello one day

                                            Mallards swimming by on a different lake nearby
                                          Wild Turkeys walking down a road- guess they knew the holidays are over!
                                            Isn't he cute?
Woodpecker at the feeder- only in winter!

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