Sunday, February 26, 2012

Very surprised this weekend to find 2 Spsuckers engaging in play  my guess one male and female. and 2 Male Buntings  what a great surprise !  only saw one female , or thought I did.This was activity in the front yard, after a very unsetteling Sat A.M.    A Hawk flew down in front of me, in my backyard a grabbed one of my birds  I think a bluejay, it happened so fast I chased after it but it took the bird in flight across the street. I found him sitting in the neighbors side yard  and continued to follow , right then my neighbor came out and used his hose to scare it .  Well it worked the hawk let go of the bird, the bird flew and the hawk followed. I lost them behind a big tree , but I like to think the bird got away. Not in my yard Mr. hawk. 
Yellow bellied sapsucker

Male Bunting

Could this be a trick mirror

No.. its 2 males

One very pretty female

Sapsucker..   only could get this ine oic other one would'nt stop flying

Mirror  Image


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