Sunday, June 3, 2012

Went to Wadoahatchee and Green cay with the other old Birder to practice for our upcoming Ga. trip and saw a couple of things we have'nt seen before   a Pig frog  and the Least Bittern. Which is now off out life list. YES!
pig frog

Baby Gator


Baby Limpkins

Baby Moorhen

Black necked stilt

Young Wood Stork

Least Bittern

Bittern with fish


Young Tri colored heron

Black Bellied Whistleing duck

Young Tri colored

Red winged blackbird

Tri colored with breeding plumage

Green Heron

Double crested comerant

Cattle egrets with breeding plumage

Anhinga and babies

Great white egret

Baby cattle egrets

Black neck stilt


  1. Wow, what a great bunch of birds! Congrats on the Least Bittern; I saw one for the first time last month. Love all the juveniles!

    1. Thanks we were so excited to see one. another one down hundreds to go . another birder would only know how that feels LOL


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