Saturday, August 11, 2012

Had a great day birding and exploring with Barbara. Hit the bird jackpot as far as I am concerned. Thanks to the young set of eyes she found me a owl to photograph. My only owl siting was several weeks ago as it flew by us to fast for cameras to be ready.( remember spooky old barn blog). We followed this owl from tree to tree as he tried to escape out lens's, but at last pictures. Yea for us. To bad Cindy couldn't be here to see this, but she was having her own adventure in Ga. I'm sure she will blog about it upon returning home. Hint hint it growls.    
Barn Owl

Barn Owl

Barn owl trying to hide from us

King Rail

Baby King Rail

Baby bird trying desperately to climb up s sandy hill. No momma around off to wildlife care center  where he will get around the clock feedings 

C.S.I. time   found along with alot of bones and bird carcases

I'm guessing a goat leg?

OK... back to cute.

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