Saturday, August 18, 2012

Went to the 196th ave levee this am in hopes to see the ever elusive bobcats, with Barbara. Not only did we not see bobcats we saw not much of anything . Except a deer ass running as fast as he could from us. the pictures posted are about the only things seen except a brown trasher, who didn't want his picture taken and a Great Egret who came out blurry. Didn't want to bore you with that. Oh I almost forgot about the alligator. Not a piece of wood. LOL to desperate eyes it was kind of exciting. Next time a new approach at dusk not dawn lawn chairs and wine. we will let them come to us and if they don't maybe we wont care. Lol we will

CSI   footprint could it be a bobcat?

Young cardinal

Gotta love them Mockingbirds 

Dragon fly

OK so I was boarded  another dragonfly... they did a good job not many mosquito's

Very young red bellied woodpecker

As equally respected the Bluejay

Mourning dove always a fav.

CSI... maybe this is a bobcat

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