Monday, September 3, 2012

Out smarted by a bobcat

A naturing weekend. Friday John Lloyd state park with the other old birder , Cindy. Saturday around Lake Okeechobee with my husband. And today, Monday went bobcat seeking with Barbara. We were outsmarted, but did see one. Almost got a picture, but he managed to sneak by us twice. Well next time. We did see some nice birds and animals anyway.
Ruddy Turnstones John Lloyd

Semipalmated Plover John Lloyd

Black Vultures in west palm the acreage

Belted Kingfisher  on U.S 27 to lake

Loggerhead Shrike  in the Acreage

Sandhill Crane on Bee line expressway

Raccoon at Loxahatchee

White tail deer doe and buck's at Loxahatchee

Dilly at Loxahatchee

Female Snail Kite ... Loxahatchee

Male Snail Kite  441 after leaving  the Lox

Limpkin with snail at the Lox

Grasshoppers .... at the Lox


  1. Great variety of species! Love the Snail Kite, sweet!!! I would love to see one of them!

    1. Thank you, this is the second place i have seen one. Only other place was at the wellington wetlands in palm beach.


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