Sunday, September 30, 2012


Once again the trio went to seek out the bobcat this time back to the levee where we originally saw him. once on the actual levee there were a parade  of different paw prints, one might of thought there was a parade  all down one direction and up another. Maybe the full moon had them out. We were a little late getting there sun was already coming up. According to Barb the young one there were many creatures right in front of us , a fox and a raccoon family but this old birder did not see any of it and had a hard time seeing the deer. The other old birder Cindy says she saw something move ? Well Barbara hasn't been wrong in the past so I believe her. I must look into Lasik. After that Cindy and I went off to Tall Pines Natural area where we saw Many warblers but only got a pic of this one. By Cindy and a Downy woodpecker.
? Blue-grey Gnat catcher


? any help to I.D

I believe a female Summer Tanager

same bird help I.D

Young red bellied woodpecker  ( kind of looks like a chemo Bird)

Could it be the bobcat?

Buck so far away I could barely see him with my telephoto lens  700mm

Full Moon

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  1. I would agree that appears to be a female Summer Tanager; very nice!!! The young red-bellied does seem to need some more feathers on its head:)


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