Sunday, September 9, 2012

Here is the hawk that has been eating my doves or at least I think it is . I think this is a Coopers Hawk didn't appear small like a dove, and everything I read about the sharp- shinned hawk is that he is about the size of a big dove. Although I swear I seen that one also.This one was so bold to be in a puddle across the street last evening, car's driving up and down and myself out photographing him. He wasn't at all bothered by us, actually seemed to take pride in the fact that we met eye to eye. Yes lady I'm the one your feeding by attracting birds to your backyard and fattening them up for me.

yeah lady it's me

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  1. Wow, that plump Hawk does appear to be well fed! I had a Cooper's Hawk visit my once (that I know of). As I was pulling up the driveway, I saw it scoop up a squirrel. The hawk stayed in the yard, moving from tree to tree, for a day and half eating the squirrel (I think I have some photos of it on my blog).


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