Sunday, October 7, 2012

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The Warblers have arrived and I don't even have to go out of the front yard. By accident I noticed something moving in the front tree and it was a bird. Naturally I ran to get my camera and everyday now I have been seeing a new one. But only the Oven bird and the Black throated warbler are new for me. Then a trip to West Palm house hunting and a few extra birds thrown in. A break from bobcat seeking this week. And yes he was seen at the levee . Noted in Rosy finches blog great pic too. So envious. well next time.
Oven bird front tree

oven bird 

Belted Kingfisher on the way up US 27

Black throated blue warbler  front yard

another view

Black vultures in Loxahatchee

Water snake in Lake O  ( JUST FOR U BARB)

Yellow throated warbler front tree

Blue grey gnatcatcher in front tree,  this little guy was the fastest of them all

Prairie warbler front tree

My boy  posing just for me

The best one I got of this gnatcatcher

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