Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Buntings are back

The Buntings have returned for the second year. They arrived in Nov., as most of the Warblers were leaving my yard except for the few in this blog. This year I noticed a young male just starting to get some color, hopefully he will stick around so I can see if he changes. 
Male Painted Bunting... feeding 

Female    feeding

Palm Warbler

Bluegrey Gnat catcher

Male approx. 2nd year just starting to turn

same male

Both feeding together

usually very shy caught him on his escape

Female not as shy rather eat


  1. Lucky you! I wish a Bunting would show up at my feeder! Great shots; they are beautiful!

  2. Beautiful captures of the quick Painted Buntings.

    Happy New Year to you both :)


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