Sunday, December 9, 2012

Colorado and Wyoming

This old birder (Lauren) and young birder Barbara planed a trip to Colorado because I never say snow being born and bred in So. Fl. all my trips consisted of summer and fall. Till now and what a trip we saw everything we set out to see except, the large horned sheep.So not to bad of a 2 1/2 day trip.
Beautiful face !  probably loves the snow 

Pronghorn's  antelope family on the plains in Wyoming

totally worth the 3 1/2  hour drive from Breckenridge around the Rockies to see Bullwinkle

He was camera shy  highlight of the trip

Postcard beauty ,  Breckenridge

 Hiked Thur the woods instead of skiing

Great shopping. One must by souvenir's. 

Mountain Bluebird  in Cemetery . Golden Co.

He was quit persistent to get water

Georgetown Co. on the way to Breckenridge 

Loveland ski Basin

Sparrow ? not sure in Cheyenne

Bison   going to Cheyenne


Frozen lake near Rocky MT park

On the way up the mountain to Breckenridge

Magpie in Estes Park

Deer in Estes Park

i think a Ferruginous Hawk near Estes Park

First Elk sighting in Estes Park


Thousand's of Canadian geese would fly into the field in Denver each mourning

Canadian Geese


  1. Nice birds and beasts!

    Feel free to link your birdy posts to Wild Bird Wednesday that runs out of my photo-blog every (wait for it!) wednesday!

    cheers and hope you link to WBW.

    Stewart M - Melbourne

    1. Not quit sure how to do that . I'll check it out . thanks for the invite

  2. Wow, what a great variety of wildlife you encountered! Quite a bit different than what we have here in Florida:)


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